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DMVW started operations in September, 1990, when the company was the successful bidder to operate 360 miles of Soo Line track and trackage rights in North Dakota and Montana. DMVW's orginal network consisted of track between Oakes to Washburn, and Flaxton to Whitetail, Montana.

Since 1990, DMVW has added the following line segments to its network:
   -Washburn to Max
   -McKenzie to Moffit
   -Oakes to Hankinson
   -Geneseo Jct. to Aberdeen, SD

DMVW Railroad operates approximately 525 miles of track in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. DMVW's network includes 435 miles of track that is leased from Canadian Pacific Railway (core), 12 miles of track from McKenzie to Moffit, North Dakota (Linton Line), and 78 miles of track from Geneseo, ND, to Aberdeen, SD, (Britton Line).

DMVW maintains its headquarters in Bismarck, ND and has field offices in Crosby, Wishek, and Oakes, North Dakota.

DMVW also performs industrial switching operations for Northern Plains Commerce Centre in Bismarck.


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